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Hi! I'm abby



Born and raised in Lahaina, Maui. I'm a self taught photographer mom of 3. Started my business in 2015 as a side gig, and now capturing memories for all of you Full time! :D

I'm a self-diagnosed Ambivert & Maximalist. LOL. I have a million hobbies packed into my tiny home. I like a good balance of adventure & nap time. Hyperfixation is my superpower & at times, my weakness. You'll find me in between the lines of chaos and perfection-ism. if that makes sense.. ;) 

From a young age, I've always had the passion for creativity. I love to inspire & be inspired. A lot of my inspiration for photography comes from my love of traveling, & my mom who made it a necessity to document our entire childhood. It really is the coolest thing to relive moments just by looking at a photo. 


I value quality time with my family & deep connection. I thrive on new ideas and experiences. My dad taught me to always have an ambition in life so I'm always learning and growing every day. I'm so blessed with being able to do what I do here in one the most beautiful places in the world & to share that with you all! 

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